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Areas To Kiss On Her body


A woman’s lips can be so luscious for you to resist however she may tire of make-out sessions. Most women like kissing since they consider it an act that is emotionally intimate. You should, therefore, stop the habit of kissing only her lips and lay your lip caresses on other sensitive areas of her body.

Places she wants you to kiss besides the lips



The forehead is a sweeter spot for a woman’s emotions. Every woman wants to get a loving kiss on their brains for her man. Kissing the forehead is a self-confidence builder, a strong-man move, a soother and can make her legs go weak. Women will appreciate it whenever you pull them close and plant a kiss on the forehead after a long day.

Nape of her neck

A woman usually wants you to start from the neck because there is a vulnerability that will certainly drive her wild. You need to lift her hair in case the hair is long then kissing the area between the hairline and the collar bone as well as nibble the area gently. This will produce goose bumps on your woman.

Small of her back

All genital nerves originate here thus stimulating a woman’s lower back with kissing as well as massage, and great nibble is an excellent way to stimulate her. Women love it when you kiss the small of the back and hold it when you are together because it is a sexy and intimate gesture that makes them feel hot.


Her fingertips have a great concentration of nerve endings which makes them sensitive to pecks as well as long sucks. When you lick and suck her fingers, she tends to get an idea of oral skills and picture what it feels like to suck and lick her intimate parts.


The ears of a woman are very sensitive to light sucking and kicking since super sensitive nerve endings are found there. Most women are very sensitive to auditory stimulation. When sucking the ears, remember however to say something about how you are attracted to her and all you want to do to her. You may need to blow air as well to count hot breath when you whisper.


kisingrightsdfghjkSuck her nipples will release the oxytocin hormone that makes people feel bonded. Her nipples have a hotline to her genitals and can send a direct impulse to the clitoris. You need to show some love to her breast while kissing the nipples to score points.

Other than kissing your woman’s lip, there are several other areas of her body you can kiss to stimulate her almost instantly.


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