Diet And Sexual Performance


Crappy diets can wreck your waistline and sink your erection as well. If you think about the blood vessels and nerves in the penis, then you will be careful about what you eat as some of the foods can clog up the vessels. This way the blood flow to the penis will be restricted thus preventing you from getting hard when ready for action.

Foods that help your penis to perform



Food that is packed with flavonoids like flavones and anthocyanins are good for your penis functionality. Blueberries are a rich source ofΒ flavonoids and help deal with ED and other erection related problems. These flavonoids are known to improve the functioning of your blood vessels by making your arteries relax. Oranges can also help add flavonoids to your body.


Morning coffee can protect help you avoid limping later as revealed by research. Caffeine in coffee triggers several effects in the body which helps your penis arteries relax and allow blood flow. This produces an effect as erectile dysfunction drugs would.

Egg yolk

Your penis needs vitamin D to function well, and egg yolk contains this vitamin in plenty. The levels of testosterone rise when you consume eggs, fortified milk and salmon. Insufficiency of vitamin D increases the risk of erectile dysfunction. Vitamin D is known to contain free radicals which decrease the level of nitric oxide which helps your blood vessels function well. Lack of vitamin D means that your blood vessels will not relax hence blood flow to the penis will be hindered.

Walnuts and almond

These nuts are good for those suffering from ED and research shows that consuming these nuts improves the ability to orgasm, sexual satisfaction and increase libido significantly. Almonds and walnuts contain amino acids that boost your body’s nitric oxide. They are also rich in healthy fats good for both the penis and the heart.

Whole grain

Mediterranean diet is considered great for the heart as well as the penis. Heart disease is a major cause of ED. A build up of plaque in the blood vessels make the blood vessels in the penis to block. Loading your diet with plates of whole grains, vegetables, and olive oil can help deal with this situation.


menissuesleftasdfghjklYou need vitamin C to have healthy sperms according to various medical researchers. This vitamin protects your sperm DNA from damages by free radicals. Spinach, peach, and peppers are a great source of this vitamin hence are good for the health of your penis.

Making these foods part of your daily diet will help you have a healthy penis.


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