4 Tips For Hiring Courtesans


Do you look forward to spending your evening with the perfect courtesan? Depending on how you go about doing it, you can have so much more than just a good night’s courtship. Treat your night out with your lady like it’s a date and you will see that there is so much more that you can have out of the evening, where everything is about you, and nothing’s about the lady with you. So here we are, giving you four tips for hiring courtesans so that you can experience the perfect evening you so rightfully deserve.


What Is Your Type?

If someone asks you that question, there can only be one possible answer. You! Therefore, you should decide what it is that you are looking for and what services you would like. In addition, determine your spending limit. Now, if you think that a particular courtesan is too expensive, simply look for one whom you can afford.


Moreover, every courtesan out there is different, and certainly, you must have an idea about the services you desire. For your convenience, you might also want to look into the location. Once you have decided that your date fits your checklist, half of the work is done.

Do Not Negotiate

You are hiring someone to show you a good time, and the worst thing you can do is negotiate. Every courtesan out there would see a client trying to negotiate as a red flag. This experience is all about intimacy, and you do not want things to start out sour when your purpose is to have a good time ultimately. In addition, do not request any services that have been explicitly denied by the courtesan. You have to respect their terms in its entirety.

This Is A Date

ASDASDSADAlways keep in mind that you are going out with an elite companion. This is not just about the sex. This date is about two people coming together for a sensual, intimate companionship, even if it is short lived. Do not downplay the significance of an emotional connect. If you can get the courtesan to achieve that emotionally connect with you, the evening can be so much more than you dreamed.

Respect Her

You are going to hire a live, breathing human being to have an evening with you. If you want this experience to be worth your time, you better make sure that you are polite when you make the first contact.


Do make sure, that the courtesan you picked out also reciprocates the politeness. Your evening can be so much better if nothing is holding either of you back from having the best time of your lives. At least, isn’t that what you wanted?

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