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Benefits of having more sex


It is the desire of everyone to be fit and healthy. There are several ways in which this can be achieved. This includes eating a balanced diet, exercising, sleeping, and having positive vibes around you. One of how you can stay in great shape is having lots of sex. Having sex at every opportunity that you are presented with will make you healthy. has great sex stories. This write-up explores some of the benefits of having more sex.


Keeps flu and cold away


One of the benefits of having lots of sex is that it keeps the flue and cold away. According to recent research, it was discovered that individuals who had sex regularly had a higher level of immunoglobin. Immunoglobin is critical to the human body because it is the defends the body when exposed to bacteria and viruses. They fight organisms that cause diseases, therefore, preventing us from falling ill. So, by having higher levels of immunoglobin, you will be less likely to fall sick; thanks to lots of sexual intercourse.

Protection from cancer

Having sexual intercourse on a regular basis will protect you from numerous diseases like prostate cancer. When men don’t ejaculate frequently, the fluid in their prostate will become stagnant and attract bacteria and viruses as a result. This may lead to one of the most dreaded sicknesses which are prostate cancer. Having sex regularly also means the time your sexual organs will be in the pants will be significantly lower than when you are not having sex. It is, therefore, beneficial to cum frequently.

Stress reliever

If you are undergoing stress, one of the most effective relievers is having lots of sex. Sexual intercourse involves foreplay which may include kissing, oral sex, change of position, and some cuddling. These are some of the things that will make you feel great. When you climax during intercourse lots of the good feeling hormones like the endorphins will be secreted. This will make you feel warm inside and happy. You will be relieved of the stress that you had as a result.

Better sleep


It has also been established that when you have sex regularly, you will sleep better. Sexual intercourse is usually an intense physical and emotional activity. Lots of the hormones are usually secreted as a result. Some of the hormones released during sexual intercourse include vasopressin, oxytocin, serotonin, and norepinephrine just but to mention a few. When these hormones are secreted, they make the individual happy and sleepy.


Benefits of anal bleaching


Bleaching of the area around your anus has become an upcoming trend in the current world. This is because the pigmented area around the anus looks irritating hence lowering an individual’s self-esteem. Many products in the market are used to lighten the skin around your anus when the need arises. The lightening of anal area is mainly done to change the skin color of the area and make it look nice. Several benefits come with bleaching your anal area, and they are as below.

Enhances anal beauty

Anal bleaching is very crucial for you because it will help you improve the appearance of the anal area and also increase the beauty.bcvbdhgdh Like for celebrities in most times their bodies are exposed to their fans, so it is essential for them to bleach the anal areas so as they make them look good and satisfy their fans. On the other hand even as an individual having pigmentation in the anal area will irritate you. To make it look appealing then you have to bleach such areas.

Brings self esteem

When one’s sure that her or his anal area is good, then the person will be very confident even when swimming in public places. Also when you have an enhanced anus, you will not mind undressing in front of your partner. This effect will help in promoting your relationship hence improving the sex love between you. Women tend to experience anal pigmentation and most likely affect their self-esteem. Bleaching of the anal area will also increase your confidence.

Keeps anus clean and dry

sdhdYour anus will be guaranteed to be in good shape when you have bleached the anal area. Hence the area will be significantly dry and clean. This is because most products that are used for bleaching the anal area contain moisturizers that leave the skin applied on soft and dry. When your anal area is dry then generally the anal hygiene will be enhanced. This can lead to increased intimacy during sex periods.

Leaves one rejuvenated

Everyone desires to have a nice smelling anal area. By bleaching your anal area, you will be improving the levels of hygiene hence making the anus not to have an irritating smell. On the other hand, there are bleaching products that have lovely scents, so when used on your anus they will make you have a pleasant smell throughout the day. A nice smelling anal will get you feel rejuvenated and younger.



4 Tips For Hiring Courtesans


Do you look forward to spending your evening with the perfect courtesan? Depending on how you go about doing it, you can have so much more than just a good night’s courtship. Treat your night out with your lady like it’s a date and you will see that there is so much more that you can have out of the evening, where everything is about you, and nothing’s about the lady with you. So here we are, giving you four tips for hiring courtesans so that you can experience the perfect evening you so rightfully deserve.


What Is Your Type?

If someone asks you that question, there can only be one possible answer. You! Therefore, you should decide what it is that you are looking for and what services you would like. In addition, determine your spending limit. Now, if you think that a particular courtesan is too expensive, simply look for one whom you can afford.


Moreover, every courtesan out there is different, and certainly, you must have an idea about the services you desire. For your convenience, you might also want to look into the location. Once you have decided that your date fits your checklist, half of the work is done.

Do Not Negotiate

You are hiring someone to show you a good time, and the worst thing you can do is negotiate. Every courtesan out there would see a client trying to negotiate as a red flag. This experience is all about intimacy, and you do not want things to start out sour when your purpose is to have a good time ultimately. In addition, do not request any services that have been explicitly denied by the courtesan. You have to respect their terms in its entirety.

This Is A Date

ASDASDSADAlways keep in mind that you are going out with an elite companion. This is not just about the sex. This date is about two people coming together for a sensual, intimate companionship, even if it is short lived. Do not downplay the significance of an emotional connect. If you can get the courtesan to achieve that emotionally connect with you, the evening can be so much more than you dreamed.

Respect Her

You are going to hire a live, breathing human being to have an evening with you. If you want this experience to be worth your time, you better make sure that you are polite when you make the first contact.


Do make sure, that the courtesan you picked out also reciprocates the politeness. Your evening can be so much better if nothing is holding either of you back from having the best time of your lives. At least, isn’t that what you wanted?

Areas To Kiss On Her body


A woman’s lips can be so luscious for you to resist however she may tire of make-out sessions. Most women like kissing since they consider it an act that is emotionally intimate. You should, therefore, stop the habit of kissing only her lips and lay your lip caresses on other sensitive areas of her body.

Places she wants you to kiss besides the lips



The forehead is a sweeter spot for a woman’s emotions. Every woman wants to get a loving kiss on their brains for her man. Kissing the forehead is a self-confidence builder, a strong-man move, a soother and can make her legs go weak. Women will appreciate it whenever you pull them close and plant a kiss on the forehead after a long day.

Nape of her neck

A woman usually wants you to start from the neck because there is a vulnerability that will certainly drive her wild. You need to lift her hair in case the hair is long then kissing the area between the hairline and the collar bone as well as nibble the area gently. This will produce goose bumps on your woman.

Small of her back

All genital nerves originate here thus stimulating a woman’s lower back with kissing as well as massage, and great nibble is an excellent way to stimulate her. Women love it when you kiss the small of the back and hold it when you are together because it is a sexy and intimate gesture that makes them feel hot.


Her fingertips have a great concentration of nerve endings which makes them sensitive to pecks as well as long sucks. When you lick and suck her fingers, she tends to get an idea of oral skills and picture what it feels like to suck and lick her intimate parts.


The ears of a woman are very sensitive to light sucking and kicking since super sensitive nerve endings are found there. Most women are very sensitive to auditory stimulation. When sucking the ears, remember however to say something about how you are attracted to her and all you want to do to her. You may need to blow air as well to count hot breath when you whisper.


kisingrightsdfghjkSuck her nipples will release the oxytocin hormone that makes people feel bonded. Her nipples have a hotline to her genitals and can send a direct impulse to the clitoris. You need to show some love to her breast while kissing the nipples to score points.

Other than kissing your woman’s lip, there are several other areas of her body you can kiss to stimulate her almost instantly.


Bridgewater Retirement Community

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Where simple pleasures abound and friendships bloom
From Our Residents:

I really enjoy the social life
at Bridgewater! There are
so many choices of activities,
events and organizations, and
you’re free to do as much or
as little as you like. I like
to stay busy, so I’m involved
in almost everything!
— Nora P.
Welcome to Bridgewater Retirement Community, a comfortable neighborhood where adults at least 55 can enjoy the benefits of small town living and gain the freedom to make the most of retirement. Living in this lively continuing care retirement community, you can savor the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley while remaining convenient to the attractions of the Richmond, Charlottesville, Roanoke and Washington, D.C., metropolitan areas.

Set aside home maintenance and lawn care, free your time for the family, friends and pastimes you cherish. At Bridgewater, you’ll discover a wide variety of maintenance-free apartments and cottages, along winding streets with mature trees. We’ve never lost that “old-fashioned” sense of neighborhood. People care about one another and share an easy fellowship. Best of all, living here, you’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing you’ve secured your future.




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